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Ally is an author, speaker, ghost-writer, content creator and stigma shaker of the best kind.

About Ally

Ally produces engaging, relatable and insightful content for some of the world’s biggest brands and emerging start-ups.

Ally – as a creator of several global campaigns – understands how to reach big audiences with new ideas. As a versatile writer, Ally personalises her projects with authenticity and knowing that behind any brand is a backstory with limitless potential towards vision and sales. As a passionate storyteller, Ally is determined to make truth-telling through words, the next biggest trend.  Dedicated as ever, since 2021, Ally has held the position of Board Trustee with MRKH Connect, Europe’s go-to charity for MRKH support and awareness charity.

It all starts with a story!

How to Repurpose Our Biggest Moments Into a Kicka*s Brand!

The Big Reveal!

Ally was told as a teenager that she would never be able to carry a pregnancy. This was a life-altering moment. 

However, it wasn’t the infertility bombshell that sent her on a twenty-year spiral. After a series of turn around moments, Ally quit her corporate gig, and now spends her days, shaking out stigma across a broad range of topics.

Ally is now inspired by real humans — telling real stories and has become an international go-to on how to maximise impact with big ideas when it comes to tackling taboo head-on.

Amy Molloy: Award-winning journalist, editor, and author

Ally is a natural-talent in the writing world, with incredible empathy and insight for every story she tells. Whether she’s writing your brand content or a deeply personal book about your life, you’re in safe hands. Plus, her organisational skills are second to none!”

Content Creation


Why choose Ally?

There are many reasons to work with a writer: lack of creative time, a desire to collaborate (because solo success can be daunting), you’re ‘inner imposter is going nuts’, and perhaps words just aren’t your thing.

We’ve all been there! We have hatched a plan, created a concept, and decided to back our brand 100%! But then, we go blank! Not only is Ally a writer across multiple industries, she is a lover of lists! If you need someone to organise your life, then you’ve arrived at the right place!







Take a read of Ally’s work!

After packing up her Bondi rental, and opting to go ‘all in’ from London, Ally understands what it’s like to be a small start-up, in a BIG world.  And it all starts with an idea.

Sometimes, sending one email can change your life!

Why wait?


Creating words that fit your brand, from web copy, articles, blogs and media kits, Ally is both the named writer and ghost-writer for those busy getting big. As a self-confessed stickler for detail, (as her clients will comically testify), Ally tackles your start-up needs, from brand conception, global distribution, to go-live launches.


Stepping into the persona of  someone else, requires a unique and creative formula. So, you have an idea and story to tell. It could be for a business book, a memoir, autobiography, or an article. But you’re not a professional writer or don’t have the time to write it yourself. In fact, you’d never know where Ally’s words pop up!


There are some stories that cannot be told through words alone! As a media-ready speaker, Ally Hensley has stood on global stages, hosted intimate workshops and appeared on top-rated podcasts. Whether you are seeking a formal speaker, or a candid chat, Ally Hensley has you covered! Ally has a compelling story that so many are inspired by.

Nikki Parkinson: Founder, The Divorce and Seperation Hub 

Ally is a masterful writer whom I am lucky to have an is an integral member of my creative team. Her way with words is like no other. She has a deep understanding of her clients needs which makes her personable, approachable and joy to work with. She’s like the USB that you want to plug into your brain to extract all the good stuff! Having Ally as part of my team has been transformative for my business.

Are you a creator looking for inspo? 


Whilst followers on Instagram, and website hits offer some sense of stats and facts when it comes to digital footfall, creating a concept from scratch is only half the challenge. After launching a national charity in her spare time at just 29 years old, Ally went on to be recognised as a global community leader in her field. 

Want to learn how? 


IMOGEN BAILEY: Author, actress and model

Ally is an incredibly innovative and natural storyteller, with big expression and a huge capacity for deep diving. I highly recommend Ally to my friends and colleagues who have a story to tell but need support from someone who will provide an ongoing safe space. Ally is that very rare and bright jewel in the land of words and story.


Stigma Shakers: A social smoothie, discussing some of the hardest topics to digest!

In each episode of Stigma Shakers, host Ally Hensley, chats with a special guest about stigmas that has affected and, in some cases, continue to affect their lives.  In an increasingly woke 21st century society, do traditional stigmas still exist? Or have they evolved with the changing times? Latching themselves around new attitudes, beliefs, actions, choices and circumstances?

No stigma-shaming secrets here folks. 

Because the only thing normal in this world is difference. 

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